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The well-focused James College of Engineering and Technology aims not simply to give the world run-of-the-mill engineers, but is relentlessly driven by the fierce passion, telescopic vision and the fond dreams of creating highly resourceful, ethical and brave geniuses of Science, Technology.

Infrastructure and Facilities

James College of Engineering and Technology is situated in a quiet and favourable location, creating an ultimate learning environment to stimulate academic and individual growth.

"To conquer ignorance but not to be conquered by ignorance"


Separate and brand new hostels are available for both men and women. The intensity of homely feeling felt in our hostels can never be explained in words but can only be experienced. Some of the facilities in the hostel include indoor and outdoor games, music, laundry, in-house hospital and a margin free shop to provide stationary, books and essential commodities.

Elegant rooms have been inspiringly created so as to be conducive for the promotion of the intellectual and psychological well-being of the resident students.


James College of Engineering and Technology operates its own brand new college buses in Kanyakumari District ,Tirunelveli District and some parts of Kerala in order to ensure the safe, punctual and comfortable conveyance of the students and staff of the college.

Health Care

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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."