Data Center

The data centre in our campus is equiped with 800 systems which were served by 6 Blade Servers from HCL. Each server is provided with a RAM capacity of 96GB, thus providing 576GB RAM capacity in total. The service is better utilized by employing virtualization technology in which multiple servers are permitted to run on top of the VMHost. VMW are virtualization platform allows the users to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Desktop virtualization is tested for one of our lab using Citrix VDI-in-a-Box on our VMW are Hypervisor.


All the hosts are connected to Storage Area Network which provides access to consolidated block level data storage. By using SAN effective disaster recovery process is enabled.

Lab Facilities

All labs in our campus were connected by robust, reliable, high speed OFC Back bone.Each computer in the network is connected through Gigabit LAN.

Internet Facilities

Our Data Centre is connected to the World Wide Web with the help of a 10Mbps leased line connection from Airtel and 4 Mbps from Reliance. Routing and load balancing were done with the help of Sonicwall Enterprice Class with firewall. Illegal and unwanted website access was blocked with the help of firewall. Content filtering Gateways were used which deny access to specific websites to a specific group of users.

Wi-fi Facilities:

All the labs are connected to the core switch through fiber. Wireless LAN facility is provided in the campus and its infrastructure is maintained by Motorola and Ruckbus products. The students and staff can get connected to internet through Wi-fi with their own AD username and password. These permits to track student's online activities.In case of requesition guests are also provided with guest passwords.