The Department of Engineering Design was established in James college of Engineering and technology in the academic year 2013-14 with a focus on interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Engineering design involves the development of a concept and a form to meet a function. The designer has to be well versed rooted in the fundamentals of engineering and possess interdisciplinary skill sets to cr

eate cutting edge products within a competitive business environment. The design has to be aesthetically appealing yet robust; long lasting, yet inexpensive; and incorporate light-weight material, yet be sensitive to environmental concerns. This broad-based programme combines all the above aspects of design along with managerial acumen.

The mission of the department is to make James college of Engineering and technology a Global Centre of Excellence in Engineering Design.

The academic content is aimed towards the brining out the joy of engineering. Based on this, the Department of Engineering Design at James college of Engineering and technology has been engaged in the following activities:


  • Leading to the award of B.E Mechanical Engineering
  • Participating in the other B.E and M.E., programs of the Institute.
  • Offer minor streams to other disciplines of engineering.
  • Summer training programs and other short term courses useful to the industry, other engineering college teachers.
  • Carrying out consultancy assignment beneficial for the industry.