James College of Engineering & Technology
About us

James College of Engineering and Technology is promoted by the James Memorial Charitable Trust of the port town of Colachel in Kanyakumari District. Even though James Memorial Charitable Trust forayed into the Educational Service Sector just 23 years ago, it is universally well-known for its relentless and illustrious legacy of healing and social activities which span over 75 long fruitful years, right from the times when allopathic medical facilities were almost non-existent in this part of the peninsula.

In addition to the path-breaking James College of Engineering and Technology, James Memorial Charitable Trust has also been successfully running several other educational institutions in various parts of Kanyakumari District. The versatile educationalists, erudite scholars and epoch-making health personnel who have been uninterruptedly passing out in flying colors from James Memorial Charitable Trust’s numerous educational institutions, and invariably excelling as torch bearers across the globe are an eloquent proof to the undisputedly meticulous and innovative education which is imparted to the students of all the role- model institutions of James Memorial Charitable Trust.

The well-focused James College of Engineering and Technology aims not simply to give the world run-of-the-mill engineers, but is relentlessly driven by the fierce passion, telescopic vision and the fond dreams of creating highly resourceful, ethical and brave geniuses of Science, Technology and Management which, in James College of Engineering and Technology, is being achieved through a value-based and world-class education, by synergistically teaming up with the pioneering universities and industries across the globe, and by steadily evolving into an unique centre for excellence both in terms of advanced studies and systematic research.

Undoubtedly, the path- breaking. James College of Engineering and Technology enveloped by the myriad, pristine and breath- takingly gorgeous treasures of nature is the perfect and most suitable environment for the job of shaping the role model new age engineering – leader., in other words, shaping of future india it-self.