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It is my pleasure to place on record the wonderful years I had under the auspices of  James College of Engineering and Technology.

College life is an important phase in a student’s academic journey after the numerous formative years of schooling.

While undergoing graduation, I cherished the feeling of studying at an Institute, which focused on career enhancements along with overall skill development with the seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities. The professors are dedicated experts in their respective subjects and are talented, committed and genuinely caring.

I would always be grateful to James College of Engineering and Technologyfor giving me a multi-dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics, industry exposure, attitude and leadership.

James College of Engineering and Technology made me focused and experiences gained during the course of four years have contributed to my professional growth as well in later years.  College has nurtured my aspirations and laid the foundations to realize those aspirations. The peer group at James College of Engineering and Technology was intellectually stimulating, and with some, I have made friends for life.

IIt’s not only about studies or grades, it’s about an all-round development and that’s what my professors from the James College of Engineering and Technology preached and followed. When I look back at those years (PEGACES), external events and with all this a 75+ % in the final year and the icing on the top. A job via campus recruitment.

Fests organizations and extra-curricular activities organized by the James College of Engineering and Technology increased our exposure and made us confident and helped us a lot in striving and becoming what we are today. I think this is the best guidance a fresher can get, my professors from department helped me develop my competency, taught me how to be autonomous, helped me manage my emotions and last but not the least, helped me define my identity.

Am blessed to be guided by the most committed, patient, knowledgeable and caring teachers from the James College of Engineering and Technology.

Our graduates have widely-spread throughout the globe in search for growth, learning, knowledge and their performances make difference everywhere. Many of you are still on my mind showcasing your excellence and outstanding performance

I have seen this institution growing and grooming every single day because of this highly ambitious and committed faculty. It is their courage, hard work and patience which have helped in producing bright students who have done well in their respective careers. I have seen many of my batch mates who have reached extreme heights in their career and have established their names in their respective industries. All thanks to our Respected Chairman DR James Prem Kumar, Principal and theManagement! Without James College of Engineering and Technology it would have been impossible to tread such a great path.

I had read somewhere that an individual’s intellectual and social stimulation begins from THE COLLEGE. Today when I think of this statement, after few years of passing out from College, I think its cent percent true. It’s extremely important that those delicate and golden years of your life, you spend in an apt environment amongst the guidance of the right faculty. From walking -in as a fresher with no direction and walking out at the end of the final year with a job in hand is probably a best transformation a person can get.