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ALUMNI home sweet home!!!!

My college life is one of the finest experiences in my whole life. James college of Engineering & Technology is one of the best known colleges in South India in terms of finest standards in academics, sports, cultural extravaganza,discipline, freedom and a robust value system. As a student, I was positively inspired and developed by this college as a confident all-rounder of considerable leadership qualities.The faculties of all our departments are profoundly resourceful and committed and they are student-friendly enough to make us feel at home and used to encourage us to excel in whatever we do. They give freehand to the students regarding academics, research and sincerely guide us to develop our original ideas.

 Our James college of Engineering & Technology is one of the pioneering colleges of technical education which is endowed with super-abundant infrastructure, machinery, equipments and facilities like nowhere else. JAMCET is an excellent platform for students of all categories who are willing to develop their creativity. JAMCET helped me a great deal to learn a lot of things about life and career. It is from JAMCET, I imbibed tremendous strength to face the world with supreme confidence.

Our college taught me how engineers need to help with veritable sincerity and actively involve in the development of our society and the upliftment of the downtrodden people.

     Interestingly, lot of people in the public are not aware of the ongoing taciturn, steady achievements and the high points of our beloved college as these important aspects are not at all highlighted and advertised by our alma-Mater.

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As I was a day scholar, daily I travelled by our college bus. The travel was quite interesting and fun-filled as we used to travel safely through our college road which is enveloped by incredibly pristine landscapes of mother Nature right up to our college.

I am of the nostalgic feeling that our JAMCET is a heaven on earth. JAMCET is situated in a very calm place, best suited for our students to do group studies on college premises. The college management is exceptionally considerate in all matters of our students. The fees and charges are unbelievably nominal, low and affordable by students from the weaker sections of the society. The college administration gives us enough and more study holidays for all semester examinations. Our college also used to walk an extra mile for helping the few failed students to pass in the next attempt by providing them special coaching by experts, besides supporting them by all possible means. Our college premises is blessed with a breathtakingly beautiful park,playgrounds, canteen, cafeteria, snack point, chai point, net lab, library and many more facilities for the students to relax during non-class hours.Our alma-Mater helped all of us to blossom into multitalented engineers and managers in myriad fields throughout the world.

A large number of our students are placed in MNC's through campus placements. Moreover our college used to conduct several cultural events and technical symposia. Industrial visits were quite useful to develop our technical skills.

I have tons and tons of fond memories of our college since I joined in JAMCET. As an alumnus, I always remain thankful to our James college of Engineering & Technology. I'm proud to be a JAMCETIAN.